When we think of state-sponsored persecutions, many of us conjure up authoritarian regimes in nondemocratic nations. Rarely do we think of America. Consider one American, Internet pioneer Jeff Baron, who has been the subject of a tyrannical “civil lockdown” for the last ten years while the U.S. judicial system attempts to cover it up.

Who is Jeff Baron?

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It did not surprise many people when Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris to be the Vice President if he wins in November. Unfortunately, it is also not surprising that the great wonders of identity politics are baiting so many people. In the past few weeks, major news networks have been fawning over Harris like she is a revolutionary pick because her skin tone is similar to mine without much mention of anything substantive. She has received nothing expect praise from major television networks like CNN and MSNBC, who also continue to ignore her atrocious record.

Kamala Harris is a terrible…

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The First Amendment of the constitution is one of the best parts of America. It allows people to say all sorts of things like “wow, the last episode of family guy was pretty terrible.” On a more serious note, it allows you to say things such as “America is an awful country and is filled with corruption” without your head ending up on a pike like you’re in Mortal Kombat. However, the United States president disagrees with the First Amendment and legal history regarding court cases.

Donald Trump has been holding rallies across the country since he won the presidency…

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Coronavirus has had a significant impact on the world. Millions of cases have been recorded worldwide, with numbers rising every day. The virus has pushed many countries and its citizens to the limits. A new study by the COVID Response Tracking Study, observed by the NORC at the University of Chicago, found an all-time low in people saying they were very happy (14%). In 2018, 23% of Americans reported feeling isolated. Fast forward to the present, that number is now 50%.

Another startling finding is when a Monmouth poll showed that 74% of Americans think the country is on the…


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